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Thread: Think about taking the servers down for a week?

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    Think about taking the servers down for a week?

    Hi all,

    As we all know there is a lot of problems throughout all platforms. Trion has tried to fix it quickly which is great, it did mess up mind. I respect the fact that people were up last night trying to turn things around and nice try indeed.

    I suggest that trion take their servers offline for a week or two if needed and fix every underlying bug, glitch etc.

    This way the guys and gals at trion can probably get much needed rest so their heads are screwed on and go over whatever the problems may be for the multiple platforms and work on a ultimate fix, reduce latency issues, fix bugs and glitches, spend some time on the actual servers that host trove and I'm sure I've missed out a good amount of problems.

    I stayed awake a long time yesterday and got online after the first hotfix 3 hours later, which was 30 mins before the next hotfix. Luckily in that time I dropped a lustrous gem box which proved that it was fixed temporarily.

    I then waited an hour and a half after the servers went down and thought, okay I am knackered, I'll get a few hours sleep now and wake up, with hope that the problem had been temporarily fixed by the time I woke up, sadly login issues etc prevailed.

    I would love to see a bonus week after trion have stabilised their servers after maybe working on them for a week or two to compensate the lot of us, as well as the souls we've been promised so that we can feel rewarded as well as trion itself. I have given up and will be playing games I immediately stopped playing because the update went live, I know that new content causes deterioration, but this is a lot of it.

    I know that you guys won't be earning money for however long this takes and that sucks, but if the problems were worked thoroughly before this new update dating back quite a while, these problems probably wouldn't exist or would be bare minimum! I'm sure a lot of people will be thankful if you guys take the time out and work on one hell of a fix for the servers and the gameplay.

    I can't be bothered to write anything else as I just want to get on with my day, hopefully people will see this and respond level headed and let us know whether they think it's a good idea to take the servers offline for however long necessary, but please trion, keep us updated throughout any hotbox/ update etc.

    See you all on the other side xD

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    Also think it is a good idea to take down the servers for a while because the way it is going atm is senseless in my opinion.
    Heroes Update came out -> lots of bugs and issues -> mondays rewards didnt work -> hotfix fot that -> wednesdays rewards didnt work -> hotfix -> now nothing works anymore (on Ps4 right now for about 4 hours)

    I mean i really love the game and i invested a good amount of time and money until now so i would rather see the servers down for a week and then anything might be alright or maybe just playable, than the way it goes now were small hotfixes are thrown out and it goes worse and worse every time ^^

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