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    Heh, I logged in 9 times on the hour on Thursday and discovered no Amperium challenge, glad to hear that when I tried just now (at the last one for the day) that it was an Amperium..too bad the servers are down for maintenance.

    Out of 24 hrs, how about some minimums? 6 Amperium, 6 biome, 6 racing/collecting, and then the last 6 being random?

    This way it'd be a lot harder for a player to NOT have at least one chance per playing day of getting what they need (particularly that 1 free sentience from doing first Amperium and the fact that the neon caches are the primary source of the dragon egg fragments which are the other source of sentience...).

    Really gotta keep average play time in mind so players can actually make some progress and feel like they can trust and stick with the game. Stop shooting yourself in the foot.
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    I can't log in again keep getting the connection timed out error again

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