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Thread: (suggestion) Player Suggestions forum

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    (suggestion) Player Suggestions forum

    Hey All, I realized there is NO suggestion forum, so I decided to make a thread suggesting the suggestion forum (so many suggestions XD)

    Ok, so basically, I have seen all of the suggestions have been suggested in the General Discussion forum. I would love to have a separate forum just named the Player Suggestions forum. There is PC/Mac Player suggestions and XBOX/PS4 Player suggestions.

    If there was a separate forum, We wouldn't have to put idea/suggestion at the beginning of our title of the suggestion. Plus it would help the younger forum members learn how to put things in the online community in the right forum.

    I Hope this is a good suggestion and gets taken to mind?

    (sorry for the so many suggestion and suggest and suggesting words XD)
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    I suggest a "Return to Hub" option for when you're dead in the shadow towers, waiting for someone to finish killing a boss or a wave of monsters. That way I don't get stuck in death mode while waiting for the boss to either die or reset...like I did earlier today.

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