Item Drops: Sometimes when an item drops as loot from an enemy, or chest, it causes the whole world to start glitching; displaying several lines and 'walls' of colour. Several bugs in game seem to act as the catalyst for this whole 'world glitch' bug - which, of course, is the bug that is having the most impact on players.

The Atlas: When you go to open the atlas, it is very laggy and sometimes disconnects you from the game; this links to the next bug.

Game Runtime: Very few people are unaware of the command '/debugtext' - that displays your fps and latency. I use this command a lot so I can pinpoint the occurance of errors to how well the game is running in that particular moment. To no suprisement, the data usage capacity exceeds 99% when I get the lag from opening the Atlas and is above 90% all the time, but why? Surely the limit to data usage is just in equivalence to a computers random access memory? Can you not increase the maximum data usage from the games servers, just like buying a better or additional RAM card? Another problem I receive that shows no pattern but is because of exeeding maximum data usage, is the random disconnection whilst strolling around a world doing whatever.

Marketplace: This is a very strange glitch which occurs if you sell an item on marketplace. Lets say I put 10 Infinium on the market and 15 minutes later I disconnect. I open Trove back up and I've sold the Infinium. I guess this is in relation to data usage too because the market is like one big storage centre; millions of items being bought and being put on to sell. Either way it's still very strange.

Overall, maximum data usage is the cause of all issues without a doubt

Now to talk about ideas instead of complaints lol.

* Be able to click on an empty slot in marketplace to sell an item instead of having to click on the big circle on the left side.

* Option to create an identical duplicate of the sale you previously put on market.

* When you die in Shadow Tower you spectate another player if there are other players.

* Option to turn off world chat or chat in general!!

* Sponges that can pick up chocolate please!!! Then ee will have a sponge for each liquid

* Make a new fishing rod that can fish in the cursed water!