So, after contacting support I was suggested to post on the forum too to share my issues.
I hope people with the same issue will reply this thread to voice the issues.

Let's begin with some info:
Server region: EU
PC: Win10 pro up-to-date using Trove with DirectX borderless windowed, 500MB/s connection in Switzerland.

So, now, issue with U9.
It has crazy server lag.
I know trove is a lag simulator since closed alpha (sorry couldn't help...) but well, off the player pick it's somewhat playable.
This said, with the last hero update, up to U8 it's playable with once every 4 world being lagging higher as normal (just leaving and joining another to fix).
BUT, U9 is lagging like crazy making it almost unplayable 8-9/10 of the time!
80%+ of hit not registering (but you take the dmg, good job on that one), roll back, 1-3 seconds delay... it's just crazy and make U9 almost not playable. Again, up to U8 I don't have this issue.
So, a quick fix about server stability and performance would be very welcome !
I know I'm not the only one with this issue, a lot of players confirmed having the same issue in the region chat in U9.

All in all, the servers, specially on U9 are just almost unplayable even on low player pick.
The server improvement announced from hero patch, well, I could not feel any difference... It's even worst in some region.

Would be great to have a patch focusing only on netcode, server optimization, stability and performance so that we can finally stop calling trove the lag simulator... Show some love for you game and respect for your players...

Please, reply and share if you have same of similar issues.

Sorry for the salt, but trove never got ride form lag since alpha, I guess being salty only now makes me kind of patient ?

Little proof I'm not alone: