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    Thumbs up Error at loading character

    Hello there,

    I just want to report this bug. I Teleport me to the Hub and then my computer crashes.
    and after this its saying: Error at loading character

    Can someone help me?

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    Apr 2015

    Stuck at World: Login Screen

    I keep getting stuck at the World: Login screen when I do Shadow Towers. It happens about every other time I go to the next floor of a Shadow Tower, and by the time I relog everyone else is done. This has been going on since Saturday so I missed out on alot of experience farming. I'm just worried I won't be able to do Shadow Tower runs after the reset Monday.

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    Stuck at the loading screen

    Since the update there are some issue with the connection. I'm stuck in the loading window with "World : Login" every time I load a new map.....

    How can you sell some 50 euro pack if your game can't even load a world properly

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    Sometimes this happens to me too.

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    Have the same here

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    Temporary error loading character

    I was doing ST UM, entered a portal, got this

    Even after restarting Trove I'm not able to login anymore

    And today is MONDAY, the day to farm ST

    Edit: After ~15minutes im able to login again... Lost my group and can get a new one now

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    I'm going through the exact same problem, but I can't get back on at all.

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    Temporary error loading character

    Keep getting: Temporary error loading character message when launching trove.
    Heard it's a common issue.

    A fix is waiting 5-10 minutes before trying again, but it's not an ideal solution lol

    Trion, pls fix

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    Same problem here...

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    If you're still having issues please restart your PC, wait 5 minutes, and try launching Trove again. Let us know if it continues and whether you were in a specific club world when you were last logged in.

    Also, if you were in a Shadow Tower before you disconnected let us know that too. We're tracking this bug to get it resolved but it usually clears up after a few minutes.

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