I am married to SsOOooMoE and Iím a female gamer with 2 awesome cats. I started playing Trove when it first came out, met a few really cool people in the beginning, formed a club called PRO LEAGUE together, and then everyone stopped playing (including myself). My club is literally dead, except for the 5 or so people Iíve recruited in the past month.

Iíve started playing again after a year, so started back up early this month. Iím looking to recruit more active players! Thereís only 17 of us in the club, so we are pretty exclusive! Ideally I want cool, loyal, trustworthy, drama-free people. I am Cofounder and VP of PRO LEAGUE, but since the real PRESIDENT is inactive the game automatically switches me to PRESIDENT.

Iím down for any party invites... uber 7, 8, shadow towers, PVP, pinatas, etc.! I am on daily and plan to stay active! At first, I played as Shadow Hunter. I played that character for 3 months and its level is 27 with a power rank of 5842.

Ever since I started playing again, Iíve decided to play as Boomeranger. Itís my favorite character and now my main! I have all stellar gear and ideal gems (according to build). My Boomeranger character is level 25 with a power rank of 8019.

Iím working on getting people to build up the club, saving flux for a Rapt Berserker ally, and I was thinking about getting Death-Defying Vial, instead of using what I already have (Elysian Bandolier or Valorous Vial. What are your thoughts? Should I add that vial to the collection?

I will be at 10K PR in no time! That is another goal of mine. Also, I am a member of Rich As Flux! *Represent! Add me, if you would like to play Trove.

User: Louise52188