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Thread: If you could return to any version of Trove for 1 day...

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    On a silly note: Beta, because I miss being able to loot deco from dungeons.

    On a serious note: I'm happy with a lot of the content there is right now. I might, however, crowdfund new servers for the Trove team because daaaaaaaaaaaamn, guys.
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    Can i go into the future instead? I'd love to travel to a time when going the distance in terms of player progression allows you to take on the hardest of content.
    As of right now 25k+ is a joke only speedrunners care about, not worth it if you don't have purple fever.
    All other content can be comfortably completed at 20-22k, which is far easier to obtain.
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    Thanks for saving my bacon, Chronozilla.

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    I just want to be able to throw items on the ground again.
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    I'd pick just that point of time after Eclipse update when that annoying sound bug around Darknik was fixed but before they nerfed Shadow Towers so hard.

    Those few days when you couldn't just rush solo through ultra ST were nice and reminded me on the pre-MoP days :x

    On a second though... since it was only for 1 day I would actually prefer that time before invisible club portal crafting were fixed and stock up tons of them to build an invisible fortress or something in the present :3

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