Date: Sunday/ March 25th

Time: 11:30 am CST Mexico

Context: i was farming xp on Shadow Tower, i decide to use one of my Xp potions, and when i check the time i use it and the time the potion finished, there past just like 12 minutes, i realize what happen when the potion get bug, the icon of the potion down the mastery level bar, start shaking for a seconds and then disappear.

Expected: the normal duration of the potion 1 hour no 12 minutes...

Observed: This not normal, the potions have a bug

Repro Steps:

1. login
2. use the portal on my club world to go shadow tower levels
3. use the xp potion
4. kill dark creatures for about 12 minutes
5. realize that my potion of 1 hour just finished already, after just 12 minutes....