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    Trove dev question thread - March 23, 2018

    Get your questions in for the dev team!

    This week we'll be discussing the Resistors and Amperium plus their two respective Dragon Packs coming with Heroes.

    We hope to see you there!

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    It's been about a month since I last asked this question so is there any update on the name wipe? I understand you guys are busy but I just want a little update on how it's coming along.
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    What is your goals with these dragons vs the ones that have released prior?

    It seems the model to obtain dragons in game without paying is consistently changing, I am curious on what the goals are going forward.

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    Are there any plans to change the sentience shard costs for the Vanguardian costumes in the Resistor workbench? While I can understand that you want the Vanguardian to be an expensive, high-value class, it doesn't make much sense to me that the costumes for it are actually more expensive than the class in sentience shards. Over 100 shards for a single costume is genuinely ridiculous, and players shouldn't have to work that hard for a visual upgrade.

    Secondly, will you ever nerf classes? We're getting a lot of buffs at the moment, but it seems like it would perhaps be more resourceful to nerf the few overpowered classes (gunslinger in particular) rather than buff the majority of classes which are less powerful. The gunslinger is overpowered because of how it's genuinely broken in its damage output, yet it seems like you're just putting more classes in this broken position instead of simply putting the gunslinger in line with everyone else.
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    Will there be Golden Egg version for the 2 new dragon?

    Whats the odd for Rampage? Chall is arranged in Coin = common, Biome = uncommon and Race = rare? Race chall is so rare that not 1 seen in a day!

    Possible to have New All Daily Bonus Week on Heroes launch day?

    How many major update planned this year?

    What to do with leftover Despoiled Divinity?

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    Do any of the new daily bonuses or current club fixtures affect the drop rate of fiery feathers?

    Now that there is a "fast fishing" daily bonus will we ever see the weekly bonus return for 4x super speed fishing?

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    Make a new class to go with forbidden spires like you did with all other classes.
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    livestream questions

    this will most likely be a medium sized post as i come up with more questions, it is fine if you answer some of the questions on the stream, or answer all on the forums
    Heroes Launch
    Given what ive heard from previous updates, influx from players will increase the amount of lag and rubberbanding. I hope that the changes coming to servers will help this, could you elaborate on whats changed and/or how much of a performance increase we can expect?
    Loot Collection
    an example i can bring from a few days ago is when crafting dragon souls, you can confuse the neon souls and the starlight souls, this happened to me and i crafted neon souls, they are untradeable and deconstruct into 100 glim each. Could this amount be revisited to for example half of the dragon coins spent instead?
    with adventurine farms being killed getting blocktron fragments will become extremely difficult, amount of quests will decrease and clubs buffs might eventually die out. Will there be other ways to farm adventurine(not just a potion that gives 50% extra and a bonus day), and also efficiency of using quests(multiple quests like 5x, 10x, etc. brought up in last stream, but could we perhaps have some quests refresh themselves upon completion?
    Dragon Coins & Challenges
    With luxion being a thing, newer players need even more dragon coins to get what they need. Yes triple almost everything on dragon day(with patron that is) is a good step. But personally i cant find a balance between spending dragon coins on Luxion, and on dragons. Challenges, i feel like the dungeon completion challenge(s) should just be removed or have their rewards slightly tweaked as right now they take longer to complete and give less rewards(one dragon coin less but thats still enough for you to be missing out on making a dragon)
    Worlds(ties in slightly with clubs)
    something that ive come to realize is that worlds tend to lag alot more if theres more people in it. Would it perhaps be possible for each club to have their own worlds(like how the sky realms and the mysterious portals have already)?

    Thats all for now. Have a great morning, afternoon, evening or night wherever you live.


    P.S. certain changes might be made to this post if i remember more things to ask.

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    Not every class got a resistor costume, will that be fixed?

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    What time will the patch be arriving on Tuesday?

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