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Thread: I want my item in the game

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    I want my item in the game

    I'm thinking of adding a new rare drop from the games. Only out of Chaos Chests and Golden Chaos Chests, or possibly from login boons. The item itself is so rare because it (when consumed) gives you one set of wings you don't already have. Here's a picture (I made it myself):

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    On a real note, it's not the best idea to just create a topic and say "I want my item in the game". You could word it into a suggestion, but normally, stuff like this doesn't get into the game. Generally, it's only dungeons, mounts, allies, wings, and auras, nothing that grants RNG (made by players at least. Also, try uploading to a image sharing website. Having people download (or just stuff from mediafire) to see images is extremely fishy, especially for someone who just joined with little to no post count.

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    Please delete this thread.
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    So you want a Super Wing Unlocker? i feel that might just be a bandaid solution to your real problem.

    Could you explain which wings you're having a hard time getting?
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