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Thread: Please make dragon coins tradable.

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    Please make dragon coins tradable.

    Hello trove devs, please make dragon coins tradable to help boost the market because I have seen many trove players saying something like (i have 300 dragon coins) or (I have alot of dragon coins that I dont use!). IF you make dragon coins tradable, but make them harder to get, they would actualy be worth to get. Then we can all get EZ Flux.

    Please make this happen as many people need flux (including me) but they have alot of dragon coins.
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    Rikter, there is a way to convert your Dragon Coins to Flux via Luxion. You can check out my list here to see when the timelines are, which items are tradable, and how many Dragon Coins they cost.

    The next Luxion should be around the 15th and Fasti usually posts an update a day before so you know some of the things you can buy with your coins and trade for Flux.

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    as summer mentioned that is probably the best profitable method, the thing is also that the dragon coins was tradeable when they were released ending up consuming the market so much that it became like a second currency besides flux, i bet that is one of the reasons it became untradeable, but as mentioned luxion trades can make it all worth it anyways. personally i also know golden named players with over 5-10k dragon coins, imagine if they became tradeable again, it would devastate the market completly with all the dragon coins inviduals has gathered for non use since they usually are done with unlocking it all with dcoins .

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    Quote Originally Posted by NoobOnDrugs View Post
    dragon coins was tradeable when they were released ending up consuming the market so much that it became like a second currency besides flux.
    They literally were another currency.

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    From what I remember, there were several different currencies that were used for trading and bartering, and that you could even at one point select them as a currency used for purchasing items from the Market (Glim, Flux, Penta Forged souls, Chaos chests). I remember saving my CC's to buy both Albairn and Fortras using CC's as the currency. The decision was made to simplify it down to one currency for trading on the market. and a lot of former currencies were made untradeable.

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