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Thread: Radiant Guardians - Looking for members!

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    Radiant Guardians - Looking for members!

    Looking for a club dedicated to helping players, New or returning? Look no further than joining "Radiant Guardians. A lot of members including myself have been around since early beta. We run Shadow tower runs, Normal - Ultra. We also host General Give aways for the public as well as Club restricted. If you're looking for a Large and growing club ( Lvl 8, All max fixtures. 600+ Members with a total of 1 million + PR) then contact us in game or over discord @JayOfSpades#2008 or in game @Gspaz (Leader and President) or any of the officers or Vice Presidents: @JasonTL26 @Carnificare, @all_might, @NotKingNoob. We Look forward to hearing from you!

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    Can I join?
    IGN: _TryHardBanana_

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