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As a way of making sure the full answers to questions asked each week are posted somewhere for review, I'm going to be posting the full responses in Shiro's thread each week. This way you'll have his awesome recap but also know where to look for everything that was on the papers used by the devs to answer questions.If a question was in the thread for a given week but isn't addressed in this recap it means the dev team wasn't able to answer it. Sometimes we're just holding off on answering until we make an announcement, sometimes it'll be because the question has been recently answered, or sometimes we don't have an answer yet and want to consider it for a while.To save time on formatting I'm posting the questions below with the answers as indented bullet points.Unknown_YDevs thought on current purple name and dark chaos vault reward system?
  • Both of these could use a revisit but are lower priorities in our current plans. Huge things are coming and we want to find a balance of updating older systems and adding all new ones. A ton of new stuff is coming in 2018 and the whole dev team is very focused on getting that out for you.
Good to have new pack for credit, but lack of gift option. Can non-steam client have a in game gift option for pack?
  • We don’t offer gifting currently due to the risk of fraud and the history of tradeable items in some packs.
Will Devs add more stash exclusive head style? Would like to see Mobs head style like Dragon Ogre, Sharken, Pirrot Lord etc.
  • Not in our plans, but we’re getting ready to support more user created content so maybe you’ll want to submit those :D
Will ST gets a rework? Like, change the layout by remove portal in between for a smoother and seamless run.
  • The portals exist due to the way our adventure worlds spin-up, and limitations around that. Shadow Towers will probably stick with the current technical setup.
What happened to Yabaki? Is it a on par mount vs Ganda? or there will be a mount that can rival Ganda?
  • Ganda is an undeniably cool mount that has reigned supreme for years. While Yabaki is cool, the only way he could compete for prestige would be through a similarly difficult acquire method like Trove of Wonders. We aren’t so sure that we want to do that again just yet, if ever.
Current only Dragon grant a bonus, any chance for costume grant bonus? (Like in traditional MMO, collect rare costume set in instances for a bonus stat increase)
  • Right now we’re conservative on the bonuses we give to everything in Trove just because we need a higher level cap or uber10+ (spoiler alert) to support those increases.
DohepHow much will the 2 new dragon packs be, also will they be via real world currency or credits? Also names DoH not do-hep thanx guys can’t wait for update!!
  • Our new packs will be in-line with the past Inora pack we’ve released. That puts them at a ~50.00 price point and on par with a Dragon Effigy. They’re attainable within a reasonable amount of time through purely in-game systems as well and that’s something we felt was very important. All the items in any pack for the Heroes update are craftable in some way. Purchasing the packs just makes it faster to unlock the items while also supporting the game and future development.
ImGuckAre we going to see U10 this Heros update? If not when?
  • Not with heroes, but we’re targeting this this year for the release of U10+ (likely Fall, possibly earlier). We’ve mentioned before that we don’t just want to scale everything up, we want U10+ to be a new experience with diverse gameplay, so we’re working on that and have been for the last couple months.
ForsakenHeroAfter the inevitable backslash that will happen after the Vanguard goes live will you guys will consider lowering the mats to craft it?
  • While it may have seemed daunting on PTS, that was largely without use of the spotlight fixture, related equipped tomes, etc. Given these things we feel the crafting path is pretty viable. Note that none of the Vanguardian’s required resources are time gated. Sentience Shards can be obtained by crafting and throwing beacons and not just rampage challenges. Some feedback we’ve got in the past is that our players greatly disliked time gates or progress restrictions on crafting a thing. The Vanguardian’s recipe is essentially based on a players ability to farm plasmium and that resource is fully tradable on the Marketplace. It ensures that the new resources we’ve created will retain economic value for a longer than normal time.
Big MurkYou guys said that in the update following heroes your going to take a look at all the characters and balance accordingly. How will this be implemented? Will we see new class gems to fix the flaws that the weaker characters have or will they be more along the lines of the previous buffs where the old class gem is buffed along with quality of life tweaks to the characters.
  • We’ll have more info on it when that time gets closer. To manage expectations, there are large updates planned after heroes for the rest of 2018. The combat evaluation pass will happen in one of those, likely the one that has new combat features as a headliner (yes, this will lead to a ton of questions. No, we won’t be giving more details just yet). Hang tight, very cool things will be revealed in the months ahead.
EverscreamWhen will we be able to post fist styles for review on the Trove Creations subreddit?
  • Good chance we’ll be ready to review fist styles starting this summer!
ChronozillaI'd like to know your thoughts on extending club adventures, as with their current lenght, players need to change world twice every minute just to pick the quests back up, which is unbelieveably disruptive. how would you feel about making every quest 10 times longer, with 10 times the reward, and making the daily cap 10 times smaller to compensate? I've asked others about this but i wanted to hear your answer.
  • Chrono, thanks for the suggestion. We agree with the general concept that it might be a good idea for adventures to last longer, and give proportionately more reward. 10x is probably not the most appropriate value given the average play length of most Trove players. It would take more time to change than you’d think but we’ll keep it in mind for future adventures as we intend to continuously add more each update.
TortorionAny plans to add more classes in 2018 that will use claw / spear / bow?
  • Plans to add more classes? Absolutely (but we don’t want to lock in a specific timeframe just yet). The weapons they use will be based on their kit/concept, with an emphasis on underused weapons.
Any plans to add a crafting queue?
  • Not at this time.
Deleted101When are we gonna see Stellar Banners?
  • Never say never, but probably never.
How long untill we see new fish? new fishing rods?
  • Not for a while~
Will we ever get any new flasks?
  • If it makes sense to do so!
ThorvikWith the new invasion tossed into the hourly challenge time slot, will you still be able to get Dragon Coins during the new big boss invasion?
  • Rampage Alerts don’t give Dragon Coins as a reward, but they don’t spawn nearly as much as the other hourly challenges that do.
If you can't get Dragon coins from this type of hourly event, will there be some other way added to make up for this decrease in the amount of dragon coins that are possible to farm?
  • We’ll evaluate the results of these changes, and also compare against how many new dragon coins are being used on Luxion rewards. If we see a huge squeeze on the amount of dragon coins in the world, and the rate they can be earned, we’ll add a new distribution method. Boot dragon adventures!!!!! JK. Or are we?
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