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I really feel like the time is being wasted, last stream especially. The community put forth questions and it appeared that a large number of them were answered by someone on PAPER but these answers were never relayed back to the community. I feel like this is a regular occurrence and it frustrates me. Instead time is squandered on fan art that literally any one can go see at anytime over @ trovesaurus.com. Is this the best use of time when realistically we as a community only get this brief one hour stream to communicate with the people who can answer our questions?
Thanks for the feedback. I've added the full list of questions/answers to Shiro's recap. Please check it out for all the questions we answered last week. I'll be doing that going forward as well. Since Shiro's thread is a recap of the livestream if you have more feedback for us on the livestream go ahead and post it there. We'll make adjustments where we feel appropriate.
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