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    Will Tomb Raiser finally see bug fixes any time soon? Specifically summoning your Goliath, which has a chance to consume all minions and summon nothing, including wasting a cooldown.

    Is there any plans for more adventure boxes?

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    Quote Originally Posted by dookie View Post
    How long untill something is done so more people who legitimately play a class can have a shot at Dark Chaos Vaults? As it is now with them being so restricted to just the top 25 the same group of people keep getting the rewards for EVERY class by swapping gems the last few hours of the week. It's not cool when all week long players who are in the top 10-25 for any class just get pushed out of the prizes by someone who didn't even have gems on thier character till the last hour of the week. Perhaps make it so if you swapped gems then you are not eligible for the prizes for a week on that character
    I'm also annoyed by this. The response is very upsetting:

    Quote Originally Posted by Fasti View Post
    Devs thought on current purple name and dark chaos vault reward system?
    • Both of these could use a revisit but are lower priorities in our current plans. Huge things are coming and we want to find a balance of updating older systems and adding all new ones. A ton of new stuff is coming in 2018 and the whole dev team is very focused on getting that out for you.
    When they killed the Mastery contest stating it not requiring constant effort, they stated that class contests were next but just couldn't make it in that update. I questioned this at the time. I asked why Mastery was considered zero effort when it's a constant "gotta have everything week one". I was assured that the change to class contests was indeed right around the corner and to be excited about all their big plans.

    This latest response is nothing more than yet another brush off and distraction tactic. I'd love to get excited about future content, if only we weren't treated this way. It's almost like they expect it to just go away - either work its self out or we just give up on complaining. That's clearly not working.

    So I'll ask again: When will class contests be made actual contests that require real effort on that class and not who can keep Patron up to get Cubits to swap gems every week?

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    You have probably heard this before but will the chloromancer's class gem ever see a revisit as the dracolyte's has? Can we count on the ability becoming more controlled and predictable (in a sense)?
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    Is there a way to tell if your club portal even shows up in the club building in the hub?

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    I'm not sure if this is a console only issue or not but us console plebs have no way of knowing if we have already unlocked Luxion's wares until after we purchase them and see them in our inventory. Also we can't tell if an item is tradable until after it is purchased as well. Can this please be addressed?

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    PVP Update?

    Could you please expand on your "epic" future plans for PVP? Maybe there will be a balance or new rewards from the battle boxes? Are you perhaps making a new tier of banners to line up with our current stellar gear? Maybe by that time there will be a tier above stellar and banners to match it.

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    Hello Ladies and Gents,

    As i asked a few weeks ago:

    1) Can console users have a way to know how much time is left on their Patron Status?

    2) Can we have chocolate sponges/blocks instead of the fountain thing? Annoying that it turns on and off when you try fishing...or can you make it so it cannot be turned on/off?

    3) can you provide release dates for Heroes? pweeze? I am looking forward to it

    4) Will Boothilda ever give Plasma fishing quests?

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    Thanks for the question, folks! We'll see you tomorrow for the stream!
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