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    Dev Q & A thread - March 16, 2018

    It's that time again, Trovians!

    Post your questions for the dev team below and we'll answer as many as we can on Friday during our livestream.

    This week the livestream will do a deep dive into the Vanguardian expert class coming with Trove - Heroes.

    We hope to see you there!

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    Are we just waiting on the certification for the console approval for the new patch or is there other stuff we are waiting on aswell? Sorry to sound like a broken record, just very excited and hope to hear the good news of a release date soon :3

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    Will quest from heros not flip after update if the club is reset?

    Will consol ever be able to see club tags again?

    When is the hero update?

    If the vanguard does not out dps the GS vs dotm, when will PD players be able to get purple names?

    The current meta has been GS CB for so long it's boring.. Are you guys aware purple name is known as a joke not a top honnor as there is such a separation of end game and mid level players a small group of GS with max dps can hand out purple to who they choose? 1/2 of purple on ps4 are decided by a group of 7 people... It's a joke honnor. Is this working as you want it to still?

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    Consoles could use a few quality of life updates. For instance we have no way of seeing how much time we have left on our patron membership, could this be addressed? Also would it be possible when in the inventory screen under the material tab to let us press "up" to loop around to the bottom of the list? It takes forever to get to pearls and souls otherwise. And, on that note our inventory gets glitched all the time where we can't select certain materials to trade or even move to our chest (we can't drag and drop like on PC) it mostly happens to pearls, souls, or scales, can you look into this?

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    How long untill something is done so more people who legitimately play a class can have a shot at Dark Chaos Vaults? As it is now with them being so restricted to just the top 25 the same group of people keep getting the rewards for EVERY class by swapping gems the last few hours of the week. It's not cool when all week long players who are in the top 10-25 for any class just get pushed out of the prizes by someone who didn't even have gems on thier character till the last hour of the week. Perhaps make it so if you swapped gems then you are not eligible for the prizes for a week on that character

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    It's safe to assume we can purchase Vanguardian from the store via one of the packs or single class? Doesn't this negate the reasoning of not allowing class coins to unlock it?

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    Will the new daily bonus to dragon fragments on friday apply to all the fragment dragons? I'm specifically wondering about Voidwatcher or the new Luminopolis dragons, as those fragments are obtained from a loot box. Will it be worth it to only open caches on that day or will the bonus not affect them?

    Will more items be made purchasable with adventurine? As a player who just got every item from the Club Merchant I'm very nervous about spending adventurine on clubs since more items could be added to his item pool. I want to be able to donate to clubs with peace of mind knowing I won't be forced to grind hundreds of thousands of adventurine again later down the line.

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    Beside Vanguardian, will the stream disclose the 2 Ancestral dragon pack? (Hope, it wont stay secretive like the recent pack)

    Will stream also disclose the ETA for Heroes update? 20th or 27th?

    Since club quest via club menu is a no, how about adding quest in 5x and 10x amt of objective and payout. (5x = 5/220 quest)

    Some classes do carry more weigh, Devs ever consider a nerf to create a balance?

    Vanguardian passive: touchdown, does it affect cornerstone?

    Any idea, which class is next in line for rework?

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    When will the heros update happen, and why is dracolyte becoming one of the best classes? to "balance" everything out?
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    Hey,would it be pssible to get access to freecam in Club worlds and the hub? that way, if we want to pose the camera we dont need to go to the metaforge, load up a costume and then pose a camera for a screenshot. another thing i wonder if will be fixed or changed is when you craft something, your third inventory that holds your resources will reset to top and refresh every time an item is crafted. Basically, i cant check my flux while im crafting blocks.

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