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Thread: [WTS] Jumping Jadefin (In Stock)

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    [WTS] Jumping Jadefin (In Stock)

    Selling Jumping Jadefin Fishes

    (IN STOCK)

    Price: 45 - 55 flux each (Depending on your Order)

    IGN: xxNARUTOxx

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    it's already evilly planed, you need to complete pesky fishing badge and catch all sort of fishes for mastery.

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    Hey there, I'd like to buy 400 Jadefins! I'll keep refreshing this thread but you can also reach me in-game through the IGN Demisedulous.

    EDIT: Seller took too long to get online so I just farmed out jadefins myself. Blegh.

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    Hello if you're still selling I would like to buy a set of 1000 for 45k flux IGN:Toyotale

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