Seriously though, they need to narrow down the boon drops. I feel like the RNG was stacked against me since I only needed 3 more BB to max my gems, and I didn't get a single drop after 10 days of crafting and opening boons. I even managed to loot a 3 Day Patron Pass before not getting one BB drop.
Like why are Lesser Dragon Caches even in these things? You can easily get two of those on the hourly challenge, and this thing only gives one!

I feel like it would be fair to allow us to craft Bound Brilliance with gem dust, and even if they make it ridiculously priced, at least it would be farmable.
AFAIK, the Lustrous Gem Box in the next update only drops on Wednesdays and has a hard cap on 6 for patron and 3 for non-patron. That would mean Bound Brilliance is still timegated.