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What's the date of the hero update? Will consol ever be able to see club tags? Consol players seem to get all thier knowledge from a person who does not work for trion, any plans on fixing this? Your streams are on 2 early and where can we find reliable transcripts of the questions you respond to?
  1. See my previous reply just above this one. ^
  2. The bug with Club Tags on consoles is fixed when Heroes launches.
  3. Can you provide more info on this third question? What are you specifically looking for so we know how to best answer?
  4. Every week you'll find the replay of our livestream on Twitch or posted to our YouTube and social media channels. Shirokiri is a Trove player like you and he does a weekly recap of the livestreams, including answers to questions. Keep an eye on the forums on Friday for the recap.
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