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Thread: WTT Golden Joyous Egg

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    WTT Golden Joyous Egg

    I am looking to trade my Golden Joyous Dragon Egg for another golden dragon egg. I am missing the following dragons:

    Ice Dragon

    Please PM me on Xbox. My gamertag is the same as my forum name.



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    ill give you 3 egg fragments for 5000 flux
    its for these dragons
    Hoshizora, Luminary of Hope 2 fragments for him and
    Baesmuth, the Shaper's Gift 1 fragment for him
    all 3 for 5000 flux

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    friend me on xbox at supersniper2018 if
    you want to trade ill be on weekdays 3.25 to 9.00 pm
    weekend all day untill 10 i turned my home into a store on trove i have stuff im selling on desplay im alwase got 50 of each items in my shop i trade for flux and dragon mattiral so visit sometime k

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