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Thread: Re-Roll event not working >:(

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    Exclamation Re-Roll event not working >:(

    So I get on Trove today and I notice that there is a re-roll event going on! That's great I thought, I need to level up my Fae Trickster! Well, not level it up... The thing is, my Fae Trickster has a Radiant Hat but it has junky stats so I need to re-roll it, but there is only the option to re-roll the 3rd stat! Is this a bug, or has the re-roll event been delayed? Developers or Fasti, please fix.
    (I am posting this in general discussion because almost no one looks in bug section)
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    It doesn't display the ??? off to the right side of the 2nd stat but it WILL reroll the 2nd stat, along with the usual 3rd and 4th as well. I re-rolled about 300 times after buying and fully equipping all my characters with stellar gear and not once did it fail to work properly.

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