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    Defiance 2050

    Defiance 2050 is on the way! Very different game from Trove, but take a look and see if you dig it.

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    Beta signup page broken

    Quote Originally Posted by Fasti View Post
    Defiance 2050 is on the way! Very different game from Trove, but take a look and see if you dig it.
    I am trying to sign up for the beta. I click on "Already have a Glyph account" I sign in, and it just reloads the same screen again.

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    I tried Defiance 2050. Was a little surprised to see it's an exact port of the Defiance PS3 game.

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    I was shocked to see it has all the same technical issues as the old Defiance. Its a shame, because I kind of enjoyed the game on ps3 when I could actually connect...was really hoping they at least fixed that part. Its just a bunch of players and enemies dancing in place and nobody taking damage.

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    Yeah it’s a complete mess of a game. It’s hard to believe a game this old still isn’t even ready for launch. It’s current state it doesn’t even feel ready for beta. It’s embarrassing that it was released like this.

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    I've played defiance 2050 in ps4 and i think the game is perfect for people who play solo, because you don't need LFG or matchmaking - you already have tons of people in your instance that you can randomly team up with and then split on your merry way completely seamlessly. Sure, it's rough around the edges, but it's fun.

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    I'd like to try it, but it won't load/update. I'll try again later.
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