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Thread: My Trove Balancing Ideas :)

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    Lightbulb My Trove Balancing Ideas :)

    So anyway, I have came up with some new trove ideas These are just meant for balancing and should not impact the game (too much). Note that there are no issues about lag/connection problems because I am well aware that the developers are working on it.
    1. Make Gem Augments cheaper.
    I am saying this because the gem augments are WAY to expensive based off what they do to the gems. I am not talking about stat bonuses, I am talking about Power Rank. The rough focus only gives 2 power rank! This is my proposal:
    Rough Focus: Flux cost should be 2000
    Precise Focus: Flux cost should be 4000
    Superior Focus: Flux cost should be 6000
    2. Buff Titan's Treasure
    Before Trove Eclipse update Titan's treasure dropped large amounts of Flux. Now they don't do that! They should be restored to the way they were before.
    3. Make more use for Cinnabar.
    I know that Cinnabar is new and all, but it does not have much use other than Forbidden Spires stuff and Radiant Rings!
    4. Change Shadow Tower Titan Soul mechanics
    We are not getting enough Titan Souls to get Shaper's Star Keys and Titan's Treasure, along with the allies. Maybe the Titan Soul drops refresh every day or two?
    5. Change Shadow Tower Floor mechanics
    I think that it is a bad idea to make it where you beat Ultra Spike Walker, if you have not completed Hard or Normal yet, it will clear it for you, with no Titan Souls. The same goes to other Shadow Titans and Daughter of the Moon.
    6. Make Public Test Server available on console
    It does not make any sense on why computer gets PTS and not console! Maybe add just a little button below the 'Start' button on the home screen that says 'Public Test Server'...
    7. Make all platforms capable of playing together
    Now this suggestion is a little overboard. It means to bring Computer and Console together. I have friends who play on X-Box and Computer but I can't play with them because I am on PS4! Please make something work...
    My best ideas: New Lucky Chest and Personal Lobby System
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    I already asked the cross-platform question, and its not likely in the future, im not saying No, but im not saying Yes. You also have to think about the rivalry between sony and X-box, Basicly like Ash Ketchum and gary oak (Ash is Sony, and gary is XBox.)

    With the titans soul one that would a little op, as Everyone would have like 1m flux or so in 8 weeks(because of the ST refreshiing every 1 or 2 days). But it would be nice to buff titans treasures to make it actualy worth it to do ST.
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    If u beat ultra without having easy and hard completed u do get the easy n hard Titan souls/lunar souls also they nerfed Titan chest cause they didn't want all the Flux to come from that

    Also pts can't come to console cause updates require cert testing for console patches which take time for sony/Xbox to do and pts put updates out alot so it would be impossible with cert testing taking a week or more n pts is only open for like a week

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