Additional Updates
  • Vanguardian's ranged stance transition no longer knocks back enemies.
  • Vanguardian's flask consumption animation has been slightly adjusted again.
  • Updated Vanguardian's abilities being affected by cooldown reduction.
  • Vanguardian ultimate abilities should display cooldowns properly.
  • Players who opted out of club chat should no longer be re-added when they log in.
  • Fixed an issue that could sometimes prevent build items from moving between club chests and a player's inventory.

Patch Note Corrections
  • Urmhalit has been delayed to a future hotfix due to some inconsistent behavior around his availability.
  • Unfortunately, some of the daily bonuses were incorrectly described in the patch notes and UI. The posted patch notes have been adjusted to reflect the actual behavior, and the UI has been updated for future builds. The changes are also included here for visibility:
    • Harvesting Day grants a 20% (non-patron) or 40% (patron) bonus to receive additional harvest drops.
    • Harvesting Day grants a 50% (non-patron) or 100% (patron) bonus to receive additional ore drops.
    • Gem Day grants a 25% (non-patron) or 50% (patron) bonus to receive an additional gem box drop.