So far the Update looks nice, but two things are rather an inconvience than an upgrade:

1) Vanguard's passive will effectively destroy your own cornerstone while farming
Each time you glide towards your cornerstone and land on it, it will eat a chunk of blocks away. This is more a nuisance than boomeranger since there is no button that you need to press yourself but a passive that can't be switched. Allowing a long requested option to 'lock' cornerstones (deactivate any type of rebuilding for yourself) would solve this part.

The same issue appears in clubs, but here it could be avoided by deactivating the 'bomb' permission - unless you are the leader of a club. It would be really nice if leaders can also deactivate the 'bomb' permission for themselves, too.

Of course the same issues apply, if you pick Vanguard as subclass.

2) Club NPCs will now stick to the one single quest they get when beeing summoned
Not sure if intended or bug, but previously it was possible to get a different quest from the same NPC when walking far enough away for 10 seconds. But now it wont even reroll after leaving the entire clubworld for 30 minutes!

Rest looks nice, if you love Shadow Hunters.