I've had my club Robo Meisters for a couple of years now, and it was previously just a private club where I built stuff. Now, I want to open the doors of the club to the public!

Robo Meisters is a very casual club. Absolutely anyone is allowed to join - no PR or mastery requirements, and though there are level 1 standard fixtures, you'll never be expected to do adventures. Instead, it focuses on being a place for social chat, finding other people to grind with, and generally having a good time! There is the potential that I might run hard shadow tower carries if enough people join, and small events will run from time to time.

There are also no requirements to be active. If you only play Trove 2 hours a week, that's fine by me. There's also a Discord server to join and hang out no matter what you're doing. Also, since this club is just starting out in terms of new members, remember that there are no current captains, leaders, etc. If you want to become one, you will have to be an active member, and be kind and (more importantly) helpful to your fellow club members. Most importantly, don't ask!

Anyway, now that the info's out of the way, here are some pictures of my builds, old and new:

Here's some pixel art I made when I was into Undertale!

This is the party platform I made in celebration of Trove's first anniversary.

This is where my club started out. It's got a couple of replica dragon heads, a cute robot, and a trophy building.

This is part of an ongoing project I'm calling the Trovian Lab. This is supposed to be the core which powers the whole lab.

This is one of the experiments that went slightly wrong.

I'll be updating builds over time, and I plan to add some member building areas so anyone can get in on the fun!

If you like the look of my club, and want a relaxing place to hang out and play Trove, leave a reply here and I'll try and invite you in-game! If you want to get onto the Discord, just ask in your comment and I'll send you a link, so you can ping me and remind me to invite you.