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Thread: Unfair Club System - Ranking System

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    I took a break from trove for a couple months I come back to see someone else owns my club luckily my club is not griefed, but i cannot regain control of my club the player who is leader of my club is afk and only logs in for rewards i find this an unfair system to allow members of your club take your club they could easily grief your world take all the items please change this trion. I have already messaged support they said they can no longer help me and to come to the forums they said it went up to the trion team. If you are a coming back player Speak up for your club right.

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    It's actually unfair to club members for a club leader to disappear for months at a time.

    It's not what people want to hear, but we don't actually own anything in the game. Yes, you agreed to this before you could log in the first time.

    People that leave or take a break for several months leaving members hanging with no leadership and the number of trouble tickets as a result is probably why they made this automatic. Any member could request a new leader after all leaders were absent more than 30 days prior to the change anyway.

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