So first of all I like everything I've seen about the Van Gardner he,she or attack helicopter look awesome and the hole feel to the Van Grape Farmer seem fun and has great playability.

Being left out of all development on consol I've only seen and not play tested this new toon.
Why does consol not have a log in to the test sever with a generic well rounded account? Seems pretty simple to have a sign up for consol players and to give them a chance to play test.. Would cut down on the 99% rate of broken content at launch day as consol players can pre warn of things that won't work on consol...
But back to the Van geo seeker.

No matter how awesome and fun the new charachter is.... If it does not out damage the GS and become the new purple name you can call it a flop and a disappointment.
The PD half of trove needs to have their time to fight for top spots in dotm time.

Lastly is we don't have a little white van ally at launch for my Van goat farmer to protect I'm quoting trove..