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Thread: Plasmium and Costumes

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    Thumbs up Plasmium and Costumes

    This is one thing that bugs me a lot... Why are the prices to craft the new Costumes so different between them?

    I mean, most of them cost 5325 (if I remember correctly) Plasmium, but it gets to the point where the most expensive costume goes for 11700 Plasmium!

    I think about the people who'll play with the most expensive costumes. Isn't it kinda unfair to the players? For them to get a single costume to the class they like, they need to pay a lot more for it? Like, almost the double of the same resource? It's really unfair. I think that all of the Costumes should cost the same amount of Plasmium (and other resources), and I feel like 5325 would be a nice price for that. 11700 of a single resource is far too much to ask of us, even if we can get them via the new Tome. If this could really get changed, I (and I think, many other people) would really appreciate it <3

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    Those two costumes also don't need the Decoder Ring (6k Plasmim). The math makes them much more even.

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