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Thread: Streamer dream 2 & 3

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    Trion listening, I'm starting to like this. Great decision to remove the mastery from them. Keep it up.

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    That is a relief, thanks devs team.

    33 new streamer allies at once is too much to handle, maybe 5 for start and slowly add up throghout the year.

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    As a person who is at 476 mastery and over 25.3K pr i can comfortably say that removing mastery from these new allies coming out is the best move trion has made in regards to listening to feedback from the forums, considering i only have 1 of the original streamer dream boxes as they are fiercely difficult anymore as well they are going to be near impossible to get with the new codes coming out

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    It's even worse when you don't even speak English fluently and there is just a couple of streamers in your language that are totally annoying (fortunately I understand English, but there are many players who don't understand it). And after losing one hour of your time, you are not lucky enough to get a code. Sad
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