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Thread: Streamer dream 2 & 3

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    I am very sorry about this

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    Quote Originally Posted by cerkaz View Post

    For "us"
    1. Your first statement is completely unrelated, if people are too lazy to tell their ideas here it's their own fault. This is not a benefit for everyone else.

    2. Filling your streams up with fake giveaway viewers does not help getting new players into the game, if your stream isn't attractive without high viewer numbers, who's fault is it?

    3. NOT A BENEFIT, if you have to watch something to enjoy the game, you should really consider something else. (If the case is that i should be fishing or etc, i got netflix.)

    4. Everyone can report a bug?????! how does you being a streamer make it easer to fix it, than someone recording and making a proper bug reporting forumthread.

    It's fine you have your stream and nice little community, but i don't wanna be a part of it and shouldn't have to, IT should NOT be a part of the game content to watch streams.
    On the Fake viewers thing, from experience this really doesn't happen much. My viewer count is slightly higher in Trove, but only slightly vs. when i am playing something else. People dont really spam !giveaway or whatever and this is easy to manage as a streamer.

    Following the number convention in the post above...

    1. "This is not a benefit for everyone else" We just fundamentally disagree here (which is ok). Getting feedback from the community to the dev team benefits everybody.

    2. You didn't read my initial posted based on your reply here so ill quote myself! " I play A LOT of different titles and so i get viewers that found me from something other than Trove. These viewers tend to get curious about Trove and often end up logging in to try it out, even more so if they happen to win a dream box while watching." Ill also add! Troveians may initially come in for a giveaway, its my job to give them another reason to be there.

    3. I respect your opinion here. Watch netflix if you want but watching/participating in streams is a form of participating in the Trove community and there is a potential reward for doing so. It would be cool if Netflix gave out mastery items tho...

    4. I did say "to a lesser extent" in my original post..... but....I have video readily available, i doubt most people go back to reproduce the bug while recording and report. Reporting bugs makes the game better for everybody.

    Its ok that we disagree here. I appreciate the dialogue and feedback.

    Unrelated to our thread, i have mixed feelings of Streamer Dream 2 & 3 collections being in separate boxes than the first ones. I need to think on this a bit.
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    I'm just popping in to say I really don't care for watching twitch either; I'm end game and I'm just fundamentally not interested in watching someone else play the game.

    And I can't watch the livestream because I have a job and I'm expected to work on Fridays when the livestream is up. I think I watched it once when I had an odd lunch time slot.

    Streamer dreams are a sore spot for me.

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    the streamr allies is always a problem in the game because these ally with mastery point and we can't buy it without code form. I am quite sure scammer take this as an opportunity to scam.

    And the next problem is some code seller may not know the old and 2/3 streamer ally code is different, it is so bad if the buyer entered the old streamer code but they don't want it. In this case, how can I give the old streamer allies code back to the seller?
    submit a ticket every time?

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    So far streamer dreams got me into watching twitch stuff. Won random things along with codes and learned a bit more. Could eventually see them like adventure boxes and have them in separate sets with different rarities maybe. Worst thing seen from this is the scams from used codes
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    In your mind


    Meh...this legit felt like a big middle finger in my face.

    I mean, I get it. You want people to stop stacking on items, meanwhile you unlock all of them for trove creators, WaitWhat... (they're totally not ahead now)

    Do new players need these allies? NO, not at all, they don't need the mastery, they don't need the allies. They don't even give good stats. They only need the 2 meta, raptor and chrono from the market.

    So again, think about who's watching trove streams, well...mostly new players that are there for free stuff.

    Meanwhile us, the end-game are forced to go through cringe streams and wait 12312 minutes for a chance at getting ONE out of 33. What??? Why in the world would we waste our time like that? What is this? It's absurd.

    By making it this way you encourage people to cheese it out, i'm not going to give examples, but yeah, you encourage people to cheat the system and find workarounds which there are plenty.

    I understand you promote your game, but seriously? Barely any streamers actually play the game, most of them give away free cheap stuff to noobs.

    The people who actually really need these allies are the collection freaks and those people already have everything, they don't need free stuff or cringy streams.

    I am very disappointed in this decision that Trion took regarding these allies. It was bad from the very beginning, but now it's just the same thing all over again, but even worse.

    Suggestion, as people said above : just make them tradable after you apply the code, streamers SELL THEM ANYWAY !!

    Now streamers will get them all unlocked (so mastery advantage) and then they sell the codes (so they make bank) NICE.

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    My main is around 22k pr, so I'm nowhere near end game, and nowhere near the top 2k mastery. But I'm also not at a point where I want to watch a stream to get free stellars.

    I watched a couple of streams, and several of them are only about: "Hey, I'm giving away free stellars, and maybe a streamer dream code if I get to xxx followers. Please stick around for another 3 hours while I give away a stellar every 10 minutes, and for the rest of the time I'm just going to stand here in my vault club."
    I do not enjoy watching this at all. Last week I watched a stream where the person was just playing the game and enjoying it. There were no giveaways at all, but it was the most fun stream I've ever seen.
    Point being, is that by having all these allies (which give mastery, and thus are important to a lot of people) exclusively available from streamer giveaways (or by buying them from streamers or whatever) Trion is promoting the "I'm standing here for 3 hours" streams instead of the ones which are actually fun to watch.
    Therefore I'm against this. Just add them to Luxion or remove the mastery.

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    I don't really like the idea of having additional tiers for streamer dreams, I know a lot of people saved boxes and now these are wasted.
    I'm not racing for mastery but I can see how 33 allies would make a difference.
    My suggestions:
    -Make streamer dream original box tradeable, so these won't go to waste.
    -Make these allies give 1 mastery each, so it won't be that big of a deal.
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    Just going to leave these here, now that there's no use for em anyways.
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    They removed mastery from them in the latest pts patch notes and I think that was a good move. I like supporting the streamers and watching them but the way mastery is now, it shouldn't be something that only streamers decide who gets (conspiracy!).

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