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Thread: 250 pinatas and no wings?

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    Thumbs up 250 pinatas and no wings?

    We have grinded flux and thrown almost 250 pins and no wings. 8 people. No wings. Different days, places, strategy, no wings. Anyone else have this problem. We can't all have bad rng. This is bs.

    Edit. It was calculated that we have smashed over 500 love pins. No wings.

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    This is a issue multiple people are having. You should copy and paste this in the Pinata feedback thread. I feel your pain friend! Its in the PC gen discussion

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    I personally threw 300 and still no wings. I also looted roughly 300-400 on top of that to no avail.

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    I got 2 pairs from the first 5 i threw LUL

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    I'm at 50 thrown and 500 broken.

    once I did get 2 mounts. rest nothing but a few head styles.
    I will never get involved in pins again.
    2 million in flux just gone.

    I get the Rng but Iím sick of the no return aspect of this game that keeps happening, ill just buy from the market going forward as Iím a truly done with the Rng roe items in the game, too many to often.

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    Then there's me, who got a Mega Dragon Coin on my first Leaderboard Reward Chest Karma Bar. But I see your point. The random number generation (RNG) cannot be this bad. Either it is a glitch or it is just terrible luck. My recommendation is to just buy wings and other stuff from the market place instead of getting it from Pinatas. It will save a lot of time and Flux. I hope this helps!
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