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Thread: Heartseeker Lure goes where?

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    Heartseeker Lure goes where?

    While it is not a big thing, the Heartseeker Lure that we craft indicates that if we craft 'too many' that they can be deconstructed back into its raw materials.

    However, upon crafting them, where do they go? I cannot find where they go.
    I do not see them in the infinite inventory. Do not see them in build/general inventory either.

    So, is everything crafted just gone? Do I really lose all of the materials put in?
    The item description lead me to believe that these would be actual items, especially if they can go into the loot table... so what gives!


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    The first one you craft is consumed by the quest, which is why you can't find it. The descrption is just saying that if you happen to craft extras, whether on purpose or accidentally, you can get the resources back. The previous 3 quests had you gather the required materials to craft one of the Heartseeker Lures.

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