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    Absolutely gorgeous. The last Luxion's table was really, really incredible and it matched my expectations at best, honestly. I loved that you guys listened to my prayers when I talked about old unobtainable trophies. To be honest, I still thought that they were a bit too expensive for "just a decoration item" (although I understand they are indeed rare these days), but I too think that maybe 20 coins (max 25) would be a much proper price for those kinds of decoration items. But, for any means, I loved it being there and I can tell you for sure there are other people out there who really liked it as well. Some of my friends even were there to buy those trophies too, so yeah, great job! <3

    I'd like to see Alpha and Beta trophies out there too, as I said before (although I imagine this must be harder to do, maybe? I needed a confirmation if someone could provide me, or an explanation to why this would or wouldn't be possible to do, just so I don't ask for it anymore if it's needed <3). If I could name some of the trophies which could come back as well, I'd say these ones:
    - Weevil
    - Decompiler
    - Very Fishy
    - Black Scarab
    - Flying Cannonbot
    - Candy Cornet
    - Tentacle (yep, only Tentacle! It was an (somewhat recent) event item, never came back </3)
    - Ice Giant

    Other than that, I too agree that this could get even better. Suggestions above are really great, although I think maybe a system where "maximum purchases" take place would be really great (economy in game cannot be more prejudiced. In fact, the only one that I feel that really could be useful, and maybe could be bought in bundles, is the Despoiled Devinity. There's a dragon and 15 costumes made with it, and if there are 5 people in the game that could already do all of those, I'd be surprised (we have a huge limit when it comes to that, so maybe a little help would be awesome! ~and yes, I know you guys already added those on other opportunities such as events, but maybe a little more could be really useful to everyone out there).

    So, about items that could come back in the next loot table, in my opinion:
    - Mount: Bitten Kitten
    - Mount: Uni-Cycle
    - Mount: G.R.Y.P.H. 3000 (now I know that this is in the Store, so maybe, if it ever goes out of the Store, it could be added to Luxion as well <3 I'd like to see it now, so people who can't spend money in game could have it too, but I too know this may not be that easy)

    - Carnaval Coaster (check 1st note below)
    - Dome Dancer (check 1st note below)
    - Feathered Float (check 1st note below)

    - SS Festa (check 1st note below)

    - Basically, all of the Promo listed items (aside from Companion Cube, which is the only one that can be obtained by buying a pack on Steam or buying The Orange Box item on the Market) (check 2nd note below)

    Again, that's all my opinion and I would like to see what people think of that (and what devs think of that as well! Even if it's a huge no, haha. But please, tell us about it! We need to know if there's a chance of a "maybe" or if it's a "never". At least, tell us not to ask for it anymore haha <3

    Now, for the Notes:
    1- I know these are all promo Crowdin translation items, but let's talk about it a little! If people didn't help with those specific translations, the only way they could ever get those mag-riders was through buying their codes with flux (which can always lead to a bad purchase, as we all know, but that aside...). Another recent way was people who donated money to an institution could get some of those prizes, yeah, but not many people could get it. Maybe if they were added to Luxion's table, a lot of people could use them, because, let's face it, they're cute and their songs are incredibly beautiful! The only problem with these is that they don't give mastery points. And I say this could be a problem because many people could buy these items thinking they would get some mastery out of them, but that wouldn't be the truth. So, in case of them going to the loot table, we're facing two main options: create a note on those items information (or even some kind of label to them) so people would really know what they're buying OR we could add mastery points to them (explained further next). Maybe that mastery could be added to each of the items which get looted (including for people who already got those items previously). I mean, you wouldn't have to include mastery points right now to all of those items, but maybe only to the items that get to Luxion's table. If, eventually, all of them get to the table, great! We would all love that. Maybe someone else can come up with a better idea than mine, though! I'm all ears, honestly <3

    2- I know these promo items come from all kinds of different ways, but maybe some of them could could still be added to the table (although we have the mastery problem stated above, please read the first not to fully comprehend what I'm talking about). Maybe Winston Wagglesworth IV could be added, because there are many people who play Trove, who would like to help, but can't speak english. If they can't speak english, and there's not a place for them to help others, they will never be noticed. About the Alpha allies, people can't get them anymore. This would be great for people who loves to gather all of the Trove's items. People who care about not having everything, even if it's not worth mastery. At least, this all is worth to be pondered. But anyways, this is just my opinion and I would love to see people talk about it as well.

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    Possibly greedy of me... but since shadow hydrakken hatchling is in, Attepali's Buried Treasure would be nice at some point. There's also the Diligent Devotion Dividend but unless you have a 1 limit buy, you may less be inclined to put that in if you want to keep gem booster boxes (which should be buffed btw) a store exclusive item.

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    Thank for removing Luxion announce from F1 screen...
    It was helpful, RIP
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