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    Luxion's Treasures - February 2018

    Luxion of the Golden Hoard is a gorgeous gilded dragon who returns to the Hub twice a month to trade goods for Dragon Coins. You'll find Luxion near the Dragon Crucible for 48 hours as each month comes to an end, and he returns as we reach the middle of the month. Luxion's wares have been tweaked to bring about an infusion of awesomeness.

    From February 15th through the 17th Luxion returns. Just a couple of the items he's carrying on this visit include:
    • Festive Fae Sleigh mount
    • Amorous Archer costume

    Luxion's loot is a way for players who missed limited time items in the past to pick them up directly. You'll also find brand new items at a higher Dragon Coin price periodically. Items will repeat eventually, but it may take a while for a specific piece of loot to return so be sure to check back on every visit!
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    Bitten kitten next? Several of us asked for it sooner than April...
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    Quote Originally Posted by Mandros View Post
    Bitten kitten next? Several of us asked for it sooner than April...
    There is no point in putting Bitten Kitten in luxion when you can wait just a month and a half.

    That wastes a spot for potentially something else everyone is missing.

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    ok then how about....
    for mounts
    Bouncy Ladybug
    and chaotic Cumulonimbus
    and if U could add "weapon styles" to Luxeon how about the Halloween weapon styles i think the last 2-3 Halloween events never had them as a drop able I'll name them anyway..
    Freaky Franky (hat)
    Moonhowl Mask (mask duh...)
    Pumpkin Pounder (melee)
    Sweet Candy Shooter (gun)
    Bat Bow (bow duhx2)
    Brusque Broom (staff)
    Devillish Pitchfork (spear)
    either gives this to luxeon or adding them 2 the nex Halloween even would be nice...

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    New Luxion loot table is good.

    I suggested months ago regard dragon coin/greater dragon cache promo with every Luxion visit...

    New players wont have enough time and coin and miss out the item for a long period.

    As we all know, February doesnt have 30th.

    Will Luxion revisit on feb 28th or simply a month later on march 15th?

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    My wishlist:

    Skeye Stalker wings

    Whispers of Chaos aura

    Prism of Light

    Streamer Dream box (long shot probably, but would be willing to pay a lot of dragon coins for this - could also be limited to 1 purchase per visit?)

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    Don't forget to add to Luxion items that you can buy only once and then they disappears.
    Quickly invented (new and old) examples:

    - Lunar Soul(s) / Despoiled Divinity
    - Bunch of Bound Brilliance / Contained Chaos Spark
    - Builder's Superior / Precise / Rough Focus
    - Credit Pouch / Costume Mystery Box (with tradeable costumes)
    - Class Gem Key / Stellar Empowered Gem Box
    - Super Mount Stash / 3-Day Patron Pass

    - 10x Chaos Chest / 5x Trove of Wonder
    - 3x Pearl of Wisdom / 3x Shaper's Star

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    I wouldn't mind seeing some talisman of all types in Luxion, since they're almost impossible to drop and cost a fortune.
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    The idea of a special “once of purchase” really sounds great, especially that class gem key, class gem keys as a newer player are so hard to get

    Also the talisman as a once of purchase would be great to (maybe a bit to overpowered if we could buy multiple of those)

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    Thanks for this months selection. It was a great selection for me as it had several items that my main account did not have

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