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Thread: List of colors for Forbidden Spires Advanced recipe buildings?

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    List of colors for Forbidden Spires Advanced recipe buildings?

    So I accidentally bombed a Palace Tower in my club world while trying to open a ring box. I destroyed part of my tower, but, hey, I got a stellar 4 ring out of the deal.

    Is there a list of what color/type of block is used in the building? I got some of them repaired with mimic blocks, but not all.

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    They aren't built with the same blocks you can craft; accurately replicating them would be impossible. Mimic blocks are your best call, or if it's impossible to completely repair it, it might be best to finish demolishing it and place a new one.
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    That's what I figured, thanks. I think I got really close--you'd have to look a long time to actually see where I had to use a different block. (Mimic blocks don't do glowing blocks?)

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    Your best option is to use mimic blocks

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