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Thread: Lure Tome

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    Lure Tome

    Why don't devs fix the Lure Tome for Mastery 490.
    100 lures per week (~200flux) at such high MR isn't fun.

    It would be a lot better if this Tome will be at MR 50 or lower. Other people just don't need free lures, cuz they are too cheap

    I'd be really happy if you will add Dragon Effigy at that MR (all the new dragons are really hard to get even for an old player, so that would be just great if u will add another effigy in MR rewards)

    Hope you will do something about that thing.
    P.S. There was discussions about the already, but, as always, no reaction

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    Yep, it's so bad, and the red dust tome is so high mastery too...

    I don't get it, what were they thinking?!
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    The lures tome should not even be a legendary tome. Just make it drop 10 every time it goes off. You are right though that it's completely silly it's at such high mastery.

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