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    Any news on the name wipe? its been about 2 weeks and I'm just wondering if I either just missed my chance or if the name wipe has been delayed.

    Also will we be seeing more exciting "pinata" content in the near future?
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    I feel like dragon fragments are way to hard to acquire. My solution to the problem is that one fragment should equal a set number. For example the set number for Iridescent Dragon Egg Fragment are 5000 Infinium Ore mined everytime player mined 5000 Infinium they should get a fragment. I think every dragon fragment should be like this or in-game indicator tell us when a fragment is going to drop.

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    Does there is possible make Romancing Pinata not only can get from store ? maybe make other way let then can get (like rare in chaos chest ?)

    And there will be possible have Balefire biome ? i see many MOBs with balefire theme on wiki right now


    sry my english was bit weak if i make some mistake in what i say pls tell me

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    Is there a clue even if subtle and not there to be a clue in the game as to what the new class is? Because I think I have an idea WHICH I WONT REPEAT. But is there a "clue" as to what it is?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Fasti View Post
    There are some packs available for Credits coming up.
    Shouldn't all packs have credit options though? It can't be a truly free-2-play game if we still have mastery locked behind $ only.

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    Vanguardian class after his premiere will be available to all players (Chaos Core Crafter / Class Coin), or as in the case of Dino Tamer for the first 2 weeks it will only be in a store pack ( / Credits)?

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    Could you do something about the accessiblity of the semiperms in the chaos chests? on introduction their drop rates was made to let in a certain supply of them on the market, now that they're untradeable and equal to personal progression items, they're near impossible to get, as they didn't get a drop rate balance pass when chaos chests went untradeable. (semiperms refers to koroki, skeye wings, contemplator, the 2 mimic allies, whispers aura)
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    Since Luxion appears on the 15th and 30th of every month, will he be having a holiday in the end of February?

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    Thanks for the questions, folks! We hope to see you at the show tomorrow!

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