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Thread: Cornerstone Disappearing

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    Cornerstone Disappearing

    So I go to get a Cornerstone to loot collect my items and I press E on the sign and nothing loads. I thought that it was just a glitch and went to another Cornerstone and it did the same thing. I restarted Trove but it still does not show my Cornerstone. I also only have one Cornerstone slot so it could not have been that I switched on accident. I also know for a fact that I did not delete it

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    Submit a ticket to Trion support. They can restore it, but to do so they'll have to roll back the rest of your account as well, so any progress you've made after it happened will be lost.
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    They donīt need to rollback the account anymore, I just got my cornerstone back a few weeks ago and everything else in my account was untouched. And the support was very quick to fix it, kudos to them

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