so bear with me on this one case it might be long but iv been thinking lately and mainly today after an encounter in global chat with a newer player who was having some issues learning to play the game and asking for help when 2 player told him/her to just learn or google it without offering any real help so i tried to whisper the player to offer help and they had already gone offline

my idea is that there should be some way for players to volunteer as helpers who will aid newer players answer questions etc a good example of this are guides of the lotus in warframe who new players can find to ask for help
i know it might seem unnecessary to most players but trove can be pretty confusing to newer players as not much is done to teach about the more complicated aspects of the game as the tutorial covers nearly nothing and the tips screen is pretty useless

the reason i think there should be a helper/buddy system instead of just players helping each other out is simply due to misinformation i remember a few weeks ago having to convince a player that recipes come from dungeons out in the worlds because someone else told them that you had to find a gnome in the hub (cruel but yeah i laughed pretty hard while i was helping them)

so idk if anyone will see this who is able to actually help get this noticed by the devs or anything but i truly hope something like this is implemented in the future and thanks for reading if you got this far "3

tl:dr not many people help new players there should be a way to volunteer as a guide/helper