I just recently got my primary computer, which is a Windows 10 Pro OS computer, back from the repair shop last month, and since then I have been having issues just trying to launch the game. but once I press the play button on the Glyph window, the Game's window just freezes as a white window with a functional mouse of the correct appearance. when it occurs I have to force close the game using the task manager. I have been talking with trion support since Friday and I have been getting nowhere with the given support information. plus when I check the %appdata% (Roaming) folder, the trove folder is there but the Trove.cfg file is missing. since when the computer first broke, I have been using my secondary PC to play the game and everything is completely fine there. Also, I primarily use steam to play games from trion worlds, and the other games I play from them, which are Archage and Rift are completely fine when being played. I don't know what I can do, because i called the repair shop and they are saying it is a problem with the installer at this point, i am starting to feel like i will never get this fixed. i hope that someone can help me.