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    aye its p2w isn't it?

    The game is fairly P2W since I really can't think of anything that can't be bought with credits yet some essential materials are only being sold for credits and by that, I'm aiming at the gem materials in general.

    Even tho there are countless facts that can prove my P2W point but i won't bother writing an essay because honestly just install the game and judge it by yourself, however, just had to point that out so the newcomers can expect what is coming and to be fair the game also has some good stuff that you want to check out, of course, if you are willing to drop 100 bucks at your screen, with that being said, CU guys in godknows when.

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    What exactly do you win if you pay?

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    p2w is basicly someone who spends all their money on games to help them progress alot. I am f2w so that means i FARM to help myself progress alot. OF course, you dont wanna miss the blocky bonuses for free mastery points. I heard that alot of yellow names p2w but ima be the first one to Not buy anything but still be a yellow name
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    Only aiming for top mastery is p2w, and that means top10, maybe top 50, I haven't done the math exactly.

    Since to gain some specific mastery points you have to pay, there is no farmable way around, so if you don't care about that, what do you win again? :thonking:

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    Closing this up since these P2W threads pop up in all game forums and are rarely productive.

    A couple things to keep in mind:
    1. Trove is free to play. You can download it right now, create a character, login, customize the look, and jump into adventure worlds without paying a penny,
    2. There is content available in the Trove Store. Purchasing these items is 100% optional. When you do so that money goes into paying game developers who are constantly working on future content. You should be hearing a lot more about some of that content in the near future.

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