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Thread: Vanguardian Balance

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    Vanguardian Balance


    While the vanguardian code is still being worked on, can you please balance it in PvP, devs? The last thing PvP needs is another over powered class.

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    Oh, this is obvious. But it was also obvious to balance the Dino Tamer when it came out. Sadly, he totally ruined PvP and still continues to do it today.

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    PvM has priority by far, i don't think they have the tech in to seperate pvp stats from pvm stats, so you'll have to live with whichever balance it ends up having from being tweaked around pvm.
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    It would be an interesting dynamic if the Vanguard could one-hit Dino Tamers.

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    I doubt the PVP implications were considered at all which is consistent with dev guidance in the forums and other places indicating that PVP is a peripheral "take it or leave it" feature that isn't going to be balanced around. /shrug
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