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Thread: message of the day bug

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    message of the day bug

    found this just today, and it might be kinda, maybe, sorta important

    how to recreate it:

    1: open your clubs window
    2: go to the page of any club where you have perms to edit the MOTD
    3: exit the page, not the entire clubs window, just go back to where it displays all your clubs
    4:go to any other club page
    5:now you can edit their MOTD as well, even if you dont have perms

    while it is not game breaking per say, it can lead to annoyances with ppl editing the message to anything they so desire.

    hope this gets fixed soon

    also, apologies if this was reported before, i havent been on here in a while, and i dont feel like checking around :P

    also also, i can provide pics if necessary
    IGN: FluffyNoibat

    Main: Fae <3

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    nevermind, further testing has proven that nothing changes in the actual message once you exit the window. as such, this is not really that important of a bug, as the only thing it really does is making it possible to copy the entire club message of the day
    IGN: FluffyNoibat

    Main: Fae <3

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