'M is often called the "sister" glitch counterpart to MissingNo., due to sharing a sprite and Pokédex number, and is found exclusively in Pokémon Red and Blue. If 'M is traded to Pokémon Yellow, it will become a 3TrainerPoké $.

Although similar to MissingNo. at first glance, the two are separate glitch Pokémon with many 'M.png having the ability to evolve into Kangaskhan while MissingNo. cannot. The similarities that they have are a result of coincidentally sharing a Pokédex number.

'M cannot be obtained by the Mew glitch because when a Special of any multiple of 256 is used the game will only display a blank text box. 'M can be encountered via the old man glitch with any name other than a default name. This is because it is encountered due to the wild encounter data being read from past the end-name marker. 'M does not appear for a default name like 'RED' chosen directly from the new game interface because these are actually extended 7+ character names using multiple end name characters to hide additional data. The 'absolute name-space' is filled from one of these default names, so invalid symbol 0x00 is not withdrawn. 'M can always appear at level 0 as long as the player's name is not a default name, but can also appear at level 80 if the player's name is a non-default name with an odd number of characters. This is because the game reads the end-name marker (which has an index number of 80) as the level.

'M cry while in battle appears to be a slightly different version of Zapdos's cry, having a higher pitch, while its cry when viewing its stats is Rhydon's cry.

Tyrogue and Eevee are the only Pokémon that can evolve into more than two Pokémon.
Tyrogue is the only baby Pokémon with a branched evolution.
Tyrogue is the only baby Pokémon whose stats are all equal.
If a Tyrogue is hacked into Pokémon FireRed and LeafGreen before the National Pokédex is obtained, it will be able to evolve into Hitmonlee or Hitmonchan, but due to FireRed and LeafGreen preventing evolution into non-Generation I Pokémon, it will be unable to evolve into Hitmontop.
Tyrogue is the only Pokémon whose evolution is determined by stats.
While Hitmontop shares the Ability Steadfast with Tyrogue, Tyrogue is unable to retain this Ability after evolving. This is because Tyrogue's Steadfast is its second Ability, while Hitmontop's Steadfast is its Hidden Ability.
Tyrogue has the lowest base stat total of all Fighting-type Pokémon.
Tyrogue also has the lowest HP and Attack base stats of all Fighting-type Pokémon.
Tyrogue is the only Pokémon that created a shared evolution family between two Pokémon that were previously unrelated.

Vivillions Pokedex entry is #666, But was'nt intentional.(and no Vivillion is not the beast.... Or is it?)

Pikachu's Pokedex entry is #25, While Meowth's Pokedex entry is #52(coincedence? i think not.)

In the Generation IV games, there is a sprite that contains text that reads 欠番, MissingNo.'s Japanese name in kanji. However, unlike the Generation I placeholder text "MissingNo.", it exists only to substitute blank tile data, not blank species data. This means that the game will display this if a sprite is referenced that does not exist or cannot be accessed.

Missingno. Cannot be transfered to gen 6 or gen 7 using pokemon bank.

Both the glitch pokemon C and Suicune Both have the same Pokedex Entry #245 (this means that Suicune might have been in gen 1 at some point.)

Suicune's NAtional dex entry and johto dex entry are the same, being #245.

Sadly, Yoshi is not a pokemon D:

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