New Player Login Rewards
  • Receive a special reward with daily logins, culminating in a Golden Chaos Chest on the 7th login (this does not repeat). You don't need to login every day, these rewards will be granted for each daily login even if they aren't consecutive days.
  • Patrons will receive an extra Flux bonus every day.

  • Merchants will now allow items that unlock collections to be purchased multiple times if they are tradable, but only once if they are non-tradable.
  • Jerhyn the Radiant Vanguard just got back from the vet with a shiny new lower beak!
  • The Dragon Ogres and Terracotta elites should now properly drop loot in the Forbidden Spires.
  • The Racing Raptor (and all tradable rares) should now be completely removed from Chaos Chests as intended (more tradable loot will be added in our next big update, just not with Chaos Chests). If you get a Racing Raptor let us know ASAP as it likely means a parallel universe has bled over into our own. What is the record for longest Trove patch note? I bet it's this one. Way to be, team!