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    Apr 2015

    Call for Costumes and Dragons!

    Hello, modders!

    It's that time again! I am opening up the mod submissions thread, this time for costumes and dragons!

    We will take *about* 7 costumes, and 3 dragons. There are no specifically requested class costumes this time, so go to town on your favorites classes! As always, you are welcome to post older or previously submitted mods.

    Got a costume? Got a dragon? Post your creations in this thread! The art team will make its selections on February 23rd. So that's two weeks to blow us away with your amazing creations!

    Keep in mind mods are now awarded according to our new rewards system.

    I can't wait to see what you have been working on!

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    Senior Member Mew2ian's Avatar
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    May 2015
    Weenie Hut General

    Treevenant (Revenant)
    Dark Infineon Ninja (Neon Ninja)
    Armored Shadow Dragon (Dragon by RuiWen)


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    Some costumes I have just lying around:
    Blood Beetle
    Keeper of the Currents (Dracoleigon collab)
    Dusk Disciple (also from the same collab)

    Not sure if I’ll be making any costumes since this was a bad time for me to be doing mods at the moment...

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    May 2016
    Leave some space for the rest of us, Skyr

    Flamotron Mk I (Revenant costume)

    Shadowmaw, Nightmare Incarnate (Dragon)

    Hoping to get a third mod finished before the acceptances are done too.


    Is there a duplicate thread in the stickies? (Edit: Issue resolved.)
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    Red face Here's my submission:

    1. Rabbity Raiser (Modded by me, based on an art by mau5head.)

    2. Biomech Sharpshooter

    3. Butcher

    4. Sugar Rusher

    5. Hotshot

    6. Marionette

    7. ScythePlays' Grimm Buster (Modded by me, requested by ScythePlays.)

    8. Wargreymon (Submitting this fella anyways)

    1. Plushie Dragon

    2. Jade Dragon(for Lunar New Year 2019.)

    EDIT1: Removed the Biomech Sharpshooter because I forgot to make the Sun Snare Ability.
    EDIT2: Added the Biomech Sharpshooter again because I've added the Sun Snare.
    EDIT3: Removed the bladewing dragon.

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    Senior Member Delicious's Avatar
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    Oct 2015
    In a Treehouse
    Here's what I have to offer! :'D
    Lattermost Lunarnaut [mod concept by mau5head & overall creation by me]
    Benign Botanist
    Chess Caliph
    Festive Sage

    Sol, Guardian of the East Gate
    Jade Liondog
    Boot Dragon
    Cookie Dragon
    Tribal Dragon
    Tribal Dragon V2

    Stained Glass Dragon

    Stained Glass Dragon V2

    Random question, we can totally have glowing tiled glass someday, right? :'D
    Would've loved to have used that for the glass on my Stained glass dragon ;0;
    Maybe even a new mount that has the Stellaurion wing placement, but well, rather than having the wings merge into the body, maybe just chill off the sides? That'd be nice! :'D
    [Maybe even a future birthday wish task for a birthday gal? :'D
    Jk jk, birthday's still 24th but this is just a mini maybe! ehuehue]

    By the way, I'm not sure if these people will be active/post, but I really do think their mods really deserve a notice.
    Please, if you do have the time, please check these mods out, the modders behind these creations definitely got these in the bag,
    and I really hope they end up in the acceptances for the sake of their mods to be all the more enjoyed and appreciated in the game! :'D
    Realm Shatterers by FriedSushi
    Heartseeker Dragon by Anibaal
    Squash Shepherd by MagicMate
    T4-N.K. by Acculluz
    Dreadnaught Destructor by SkyRider3217
    Elysium Alchemist by Stinger
    Icy Shadow by Zoe
    Butter Robot by Mew2ian
    Luck-O-mancer by Mew2ian
    And finally, anything by Wyvern_Mihail!

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