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Thread: Trove Livestream Notes 09/02/2018

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    Post Trove Livestream Notes 09/02/2018

    Welcome to the latest live stream notes thread!

    Tonight on the trove stream! The team gave a reminder about the Twitch Prime loot rewards and the upcoming valentines event; Hellbugs in Love, which comes back to the game on February 13th.

    Beating the hellbug mobs in dragonfire peakes gives you a chance at skittering heart boxes for a Bashful Lovebug mount.
    During the two week event there will also be daily login rewards.

    Extra note: There are valentines pinatas coming!

    One more extra note: Wings of love, shown off last stream were confirmed to come from these pinatas.

    At the end of the stream the team showed off the two new pinatas coming out eventually.

    For the event, the Romancing pinata was shown, the Wings of love will come from these, i think an ally might as well.
    For an upcoming event/update, the Shamrockin pinatas were also shown.

    On the quest chain log shown, a new quest called Opt in to Emails was shown.
    By opting in to receive emails via your glyph account you can unlock Urmhalit the unforgiving.

    The team then...showed... the potential new class! Named Vanguardian!!

    This class appears to be a melee/ranged hybrid class that can interchange from melee to range via its ultimate ability.
    In its melee form, the attack is 3 punches, with the third being an uppercut knockback.

    In its ranged form it shoots, M2 has a power shot move and its "1" looks like it increases its attack speed.
    It was also seen to have its own glide function like wings and where it falls blocks were destroyed.
    It styles itself like a guardian would with a fantastic color palette of blue and gold and a cape.

    Questions and Answers Session:
    Now that you have nerfed pirrot farms, will you consider reducing the cost fo things from the merchant?
    We plan to watch progress now the change has gone live and adjust accordingly and are considering the amount of exp needed for smaller clubs to level up.

    Can we expect changes/improvements to the current timegated progression in the way of shaper stars/empowered gem boxes with the new equipment rarity on the horizon?
    In the next major update we will be updating a way to increase amount of souls per week

    Why is the max club level 11 and not 10?
    We couldnt get 11.5 so we rounded down! The 11th level was originally designed to be repeatable and to provide clubits every time it was completed, like prestiging. (doesnt answer question but ye )

    Acid fishing?
    No, have you ever seen a fish swimming in acid?

    Dracolyte, what are the plans? full DPS, tank? hybrid?
    Keeping it a hybrid but its sustained DPS will be closer to top tier DPS classes

    Any plans to limit the numebr of multiple classes in shadow towers?
    No plans, no

    Will we ever be able to craft or ideally mine different sized blocks for building?
    Probably not although we will continue to scale blocks through the core and things like fixtures

    Super style stashes are abundant,some of us have hundreds, can this be looked at?
    We have some new styles on the way with the next update

    Some veteran trove players are sitting on a lot of starter class coins yet not possible to loot collect it, perhaps maybe for a double exp potion?
    We will check it out, think about itWill shadow tower arenas/dungeons ever have other last "bosses" than the Dreamy monster?
    Dont think so, but we could look into it with feedback.

    Are we ever gonna have more empowered gems with new abilities?
    We cant answer that, probably maybe?
    When can we expect tradeable loot to return to Chaos Chests and when will the loot rotation of the chaos chest tradeables be curated in a way that allows every item to have a healthy economic investment period but also allow players to get them within a fair amount of time after they were last seen?
    One of the factors that limits how tradeable items can be in chaos chests are that they drop from the world. We've seen challenges with botting in this regard and that's one of the main reasons they are not tradeable now. We will introduce more tradeability through earned and purchased items in the next update but not through chaos chests.

    Will you add potatoes to the game?
    There's an ally coming, there's also a few styles already.

    After completing a collection/racing challenge,a message says the world will close in less than 2 hours, why? wouldn't it be less resources to not do this?
    In the grand scheme of trove and how many worlds there are, challenge worlds are extremely small and no gains are made by staying two hours, it has a very minimal impact if a player stayed.

    That ends this weeks recap, I personally recommend re-watching the last segment ofthe stream for a view of Vanguardian. Enjoy your gaming!
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    I havent seen a fish swimming in lava either lol

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    Quote Originally Posted by dsadsa View Post
    I havent seen a fish swimming in lava either lol
    or chocolate... but hey let's apply logic where it's not needed!

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    Thanks again for the patch notes. I'm surprised there isn't more of a reaction about the new class. It looks awesome and I'm super excited about it!

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    Thanks for the note Shiro! I am really looking forward the new class, though it seems to have seriously long cooldown on #1 and blocks breaking is not something welcome in Trove. Haha

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    Soo the new class is a really large Boomeranger-Gunslinger hybrid that possibly has (unnecessary) fist weapons.

    Can't say I like what I see so far, but I'll have to see what it looks like ingame.

    Also, Urmhalit is a missed opportunity.
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    Those cringe moments when even devs can't play their own game due to severe rubberbanding >.<

    New class looks pretty cool but i'm more interested in what they are doing with the Draco. While a dps boost is always nice, i'd love to see something like a massive damage reduction during dragon form...from 50% to at least 75%, and maybe they can be useful again. Draco was my favorite class back in the day and i'd love to be able to main it again.

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    I watched the livestream all the way through and I didn't even notice they previewed the new class! I thought you were trolling for a minute there, Shiro It looks awesome, can't wait to start leveling it.

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    I do like the sound of that club prestige thing where hit lv 11 go back down to 10 and get rewards. Itll keep up the goal of xp and adv focus
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