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Thread: Does Neon Ninja use a 15/12 Gem Boost Build?

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    Does Neon Ninja use a 15/12 Gem Boost Build?

    It's really hard to find proper info on this.

    I was just wondering if Neon Ninja uses a conventional 15/12 gem boost build like Gunslinger does. I'm a little unsure since Neon Ninja scales so well with crit dmg. If anyone has experience or knowledge on this I'd really appreciate if we could discuss it here to archive the proper build for Neon Ninja!

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    Its ur lucky day. Critical hit, Critical damage, pd, and health are all u need on neon ninjas Gems. Have attack speed, movement speed, and jump on the sword, hat, and face.for the first stats on hat and face, face with health, and hat with health. Try and also Get Energy rgen on the ring. For ally, i'd reccamend prowling shadow for just regaining health when u have no flasks. and raptor berserker if u want A BUNCH of dps.
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    Neon Ninja can use the 15/12 ratio for a decent coefficient. However, it really depends on how you play the class to maximize your damage. The shuriken gives a multiplier to CD, which means the more CD you stack, the more damage you'll do. You could build a NN with all 27 boosts into CD and have an crazy huge amount of damage on your shuriken.

    The problem with that is your regular melee wont be all that effective. If you put attack speed and movespeed on all your gear, swoop in swipe swipe swipe, throw shuriken, you'll pretty much wreck anything that comes your way. But another question is, is it really necessary to do that much damage? The only time you are going to run into any bosses that wont be one shot by a well balanced 15/12 build is in towers. So, it's really up to you.

    I would say if you find that you have a little more CD than PD, then following the 15/12 rule is not that important. Keep the extra CD. But you probably don't want more than 15 on PD.

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    You can follow that (6/3 9/9) guide and perhaps inch out a little bit more by moving a lesser boost into CD (imgur*), but it isn't a hard and fast rule, for example moving to 5/4 9/9 you only get 100.152m vs 100.151m on that shuriken.

    I feel it's securing the 100% CH is the main issue, an MF ally with 2.5 or 3CH helps, even then you may need Moonlit Muse (divinity) dragon to reach it if you dont want CH on a ring or weapon. Going full MS w/o flasking for buffs was my premise, I personally don't like how clunky it is to stack-flask-flip-throw for CH/DMG.

    On my unfinished NN, I'll probably only max out the CH stats on the (lv 25) gems and take whatever obscene dmg he does.
    used 18K LL that could flask then CC things in one go to max a Gunslinger for STs, NN is slowly being built.. not enough ninth lives laying around yet
    *ignore the MDCDTXT, I didn't change that for every setup, just their values to match the x/x | x/x pattern.

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    It also depends what you want your NN for. If you're just farming it doesn't matter. My NN even has some level 20 gems and some stats are HP but it still 1 shots everything.

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